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Green Goodness

I love a good green smoothie and this one is full of vitamins, protein and healthy fats making it a meal in a jar. Makes 1 litre 2 cups of whey*2 stalks of celery2 large handfuls of romain lettuce1 banana1 green applehalf an avocado2 tablespoons of chia seeds2 tablespoon of spirulina1 tablespoon of pea protein …


daily green : recipe

The last few months have seen me make a concerted effort to eat lots of greens on a daily basis. I’m a big salad girl but sometimes time gets away from me and on those days I whip up a green drink. There is nothing quite like whacking a few ingredients into a food processor …


Nutty Quinoa Salad

I have made versions of this salad on a few occasions and it is always a winner with the crowds. Prior to quitting sugar, I used Israeli/pearl couscous in place of the quinoa and chopped dried apricots instead of diced green apples. Whatever your dietary requirements, both versions taste great. I generally serve the salad …