Toasted Coconut Butter Bon-Bons

Toasted Coconut Butter Bon Bons

Over the weekend, Meg and I were ‘chatting’ about our experiences with quitting sugar and she sent me over a few links to recipes she had tried at home. I was immediately taken with her banana bon-bons, they just looked so delicious.

As well as cutting out sugar I try to limit my daily intake of fruit to two servings of low fructose fruit such as green apples, raspberries, kiwi’s, mandarins and strawberries. Banana’s are quite high in fructose so I knew I would have to substitute the banana for a low fructose fruit.

I made up a batch of Meg’s toasted coconut butter (which was mind-blowingly amazing!), dunked in bits of fruit and topped it off with some shredded coconut.

Complete deliciousness but not a winner with the kids?! I couldn’t quite believe they didn’t like these (so typical though, right?) as the coconut butter has a wonderful caramel flavour to it. I was tempted to eat the whole batch straight out of the food processor.

Whether you are sugar free or not, you must try the coconut butter for yourself.

Meg’s toasted coconut butter recipe here and her bon-bon recipe here.

Thanks Meg!