I quit sugar : week 1 wrap up

photo from : gourmande in the kitchen

One week down and it has been a lot easier than I anticipated.

Sarah recommends spending the first two weeks of the eight week programming, gradually cutting back on your sugar intake. Jason and I decided to skip this part and head straight to week three, which means no sugar or fructose (fruit) at all. The lack of fruit has probably been the hardest thing for me and I have compensated by eating loads of raw vegetables.

I think from week six onwards, you can re-introduce some low fructose fruit like kiwi, raspberries, green apple, blueberries and strawberries. Very much looking forward to that!

Jason and I both feel like we have more energy, especially during the afternoon slump that we both used to experience. I did have a shocking headache on Wednesday and was so hideously irritable. I took myself straight to Bikram and sweated it all out.

Pop over to my pinterest ‘i quit sugar’ board and take a look at some yummy recipes I have found on the interweb. Some need a little tweaking to be sugar-free but not enough to impact on taste.

Tidbits that you may find useful:

Be organised and buy all the relevant ingredients prior to starting the 8 week program.
Become good friends with coconut. Seriously, I have eaten more coconut related products in the last week than I have in my lifetime.
Have a glass of coconut water if you have a sugary or sweet craving.
Stay positive, keep active and be kind to yourself.

Recipes I have tried this week:

Sarah’s sugar-free granola: amazing solo with natural yoghurt but we have been enjoying it sprinkled over rolled oats that I cooked with coconut water.

Almond butter bark (recipe found in book) : totally amazing and the perfect sweet treat. Maddie loved it too.

Sarah’s meal in a biscuit (recipe found in book): generously spread with goats cheese, avocado and sliced cucumbers

Sarah’s spirulina balls (recipe found in book): These guys are super dense and are the perfect mid afternoon ‘need something to carry me over to dinner’ morsel.

Sarah’s cashewy chia pudding (recipe found in book): I didn’t have time to make the cashew milk so just used normal milk. Quite yummy, perfect of that bit of after dinner something. The pudding does have a bit of a tapioca consistency to it which may not appeal to all.

Broccolini Salad: Was sensational! I didn’t have any spring onions so threw in some sliced radishes, omitted the croutons and used a tin of butter beans and I also roasted some pumpkin in coconut oil and threw that it also. A really filling and healthy dinner.