I quit sugar

I quit sugar

Since I started a regular yoga practice I have started listening to my body.

I have noticed that what I eat and drink directly impacts on my practice and how I feel on a day to day basis. Yeah, I know, I know… talk about “stating the obvious” but the yoga has magnified the realisation that what I put in my body, affects not just my practice but my day to day wellbeing.

This realisation has meant that I have significantly reduced my intake of alcohol. I have gone from an everyday wine drinker, to enjoying just a few glasses on the weekend. This is massive for me as I LOVE wine but it has been worth it. I am sleeping better and wake up ‘fog free’. I still want to make a few more changes, the chief reasons being the bloat and because I find it VERY VERY difficult to go without a ‘sweet fix’ after lunch and dinner.

Now, I’m sure you may be thinking that these two issues sound pretty normal and innocent but the bloating can be quite hideous and painful and when I hit the sweets, I binge in a big way. The innocent bullet or chocolate egg turns into nearly half a packet. I don’t like how I feel after and I certainly don’t like feeling like I am a hostage to sugar.

This brings me to Sarah Wilson and her ‘I quit sugar’ way of life. I have been contemplating Sarah’s methods for the last month but when I first read about her and her way of life, I thought “well, it’s easy for Sarah. She has no kids and only has herself to worry about”.

Harsh and naive on my part.

Fast forward a few weeks and specifically, last night. Jason and I had just come out of the cinema and with stomach’s full of Toblerone – the stars aligned. The local book store was still open and Sarah’s book was in the window. I made the decision to stop making excuses and have a crack.

Sarah’s book is so well written. It is written for normal, busy people and more importantly – it looks achievable.

I am under no illusion that the first 8 weeks are going to be tough (especially considering fruit has to be cut out for before a little being re-introduced at the eight week mark) but I am ready for change and am so interested to see what impact no sugar/fructose has on the way I am feeling.

You may be wondering, why I am writing all this? Well, in my experience there is no greater motivation (for me, anyway) than a public declaration –! I love nothing more than a challenge and I love a goal.

But I am also wondering if anyone else has tried Sarah’s program? Do you have any hints or tips? Any good sugar-free recipes you and your family love?

Over the next 8 weeks, I will pop back weekly. Let you know how I am getting on and how it is fitting into our family life.

Jason is on board so we can motivate each other along the way and we have decided not to take a draconian approach with the kids, just some subtle changes that I am hoping they don’t really notice.

Wish me luck and see you next week!